CareerXroads® Workshops

Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler founded CareerXroads® to help organizations better understand and adopt cutting-edge, recruiting technology solutions for their staffing strategy and process. Since they started in 1994 they've had their share of "staffing adventures" but they've always stayed focused on consulting, educating and discovering how talent and opportunity connect. Today their services fall into two categories: the CareerXroads® Colloquium and CareerXroads® Seminars.

CareerXroads® Colloquium

The CareerXroads® Colloquium was founded in 2002 to bring together recruiting professionals who share a passion for critical analysis and sharing what really works (and what really doesn't) in recruiting. The group has evolved into a forum for some of America's top recruiting professionals and involves six meetings each year, regularly scheduled webinars on hot topics, and a variety of research, camaraderie and networking that can't be found anywhere else. More information about the CareerXroads® Colloquium.

CareerXroads® Consulting

Why bring Gerry Crispin and Mark Mehler to your organization? Because Mark and Gerry know the lay of the land. They've spent quality time in the recruiting departments of America's most competitive corporations consulting, strategizing and improving processes. And they've got their fingers on the pulse of today's hottest technology and trends. Their most frequently requested workshops include:

E-Staffing & Job Page Critiques

Are your corporate job pages attracting the right kind of prospects? Using the CareerXroads® Checklist, developed from years of monitoring the Fortune 500 websites Gerry and Mark have determined the key factors that make a corporate job site successful. This session will help you determine the steps you need to take to make more effective use of your job site. Gerry & Mark will conduct an in-depth review of your corporate job pages, highlighting online activities that are effective and illustrating how to make the online job section a more successful recruiting tool.

Working the Candidate Pipeline

How do you convert candidates to applicants? This workshop addresses how to best support your legal/EEO commitments, achieve your goal to improve the candidate experience and achieve internal alignment and support for your HR initiatives. Gerry and Mark will audit your hiring process from sourcing to onboarding. Then facilitate a discussion of internal relationships with key stakeholders such as HR partners and hiring managers as well as helping to define the elements in your process that contribute to why the best candidates will choose you.

Corporate Presentations

Want to get the right message across at your organization's annual staffing meeting? Gerry and Mark work with corporate staffing organizations, independent employment websites, universities and other organizations on a variety of staffing topics including:

  • Moderating annual staffing meetings
  • Conducting training at corporate team meetings
  • Identifying gaps in current processes
  • Facilitating the development of employment technology priorities
  • Assessing the best technologies in applicant tracking systems

Additional Consulting/Seminar Services

  • Recruiting Process Improvement: We're constantly amazed at the hidden obstacles we find that are holding up a company's recruiting process. This session is customized for your organization and based on an intense interview & examination of your firm to help you get back on the road to effective recruiting.
  • Partnering with the Hiring Manager: In the hectic, time-sensitive world of recruiting, many recruiters overlook one of their most valuable assets - the Hiring Manager. In a classroom setting this workshop will help get the Recruiter/Manager relationship off to a smooth start and more satisfying conclusion.

Please review our seminar flyer for details on all CareerXroads® Seminars. For more information or to have Gerry and Mark come to your facility to provide a workshop contact or 732-821-6652.