CareerXroads® Colloquium Registration

We offer five types of Colloquium Membership levels based on your level of attendance. We hold seven CareerXroads Colloquium meetings each year throughout the country. Members are allowed to bring one fellow employee to a Colloquium (sometimes more depending on meeting participation level) - each attendee takes one "seat." Seats can be used in a variety of combinations:

  • one member attending seven meetings has used seven seats;
  • two members attending two meetings have used four seats,
  • one member attending four meetings and bringing an employee to the fourth has used five seats etc.

Highlighted Benefits

Each membership level includes all the benefits of the CareerXroads Colloquium, including these most popular features:

  • Access to the Members-Only Library: A treasure trove of research, webinar presentations, members-only newsletters and more.
  • Free Monthly Webinars: Members tell us what corporate staffing issues are 'keeping them up at night' and we hash them out each month.
  • Personal Corporate Job Site Review: All members at Silver level or higher will receive a complimentary 30 minute review of their job pages by Mark & Gerry.
  • Online Database of Recruiting Technologies: All members will be completing a survey regarding their use and opinion of recruiting technologies. Members will have access to the confidential survey results for benchmarking and can contact members via Mark for in-depth follow up.

Membership Levels

Diamond Membership (Fourteen Seats - two per meeting): $29,500
Platinum Membership (Seven Seats - one per meeting): $15,500
Gold Membership (Six Seats): $13,500
Silver Membership (Four Seats): $9,500
Bronze Membership (Two Seats): $5,500

Need a seat configuration that's not shown above? Starting with the Bronze level, each additional seat is $2,000 and you can configure the number that works best for your organization.

Additional seats are made available based on each Colloquium's registered attendance. If you're interested in attending a single meeting call Mark for availability: 732-821-6652.

Interested in joining us?